Thursday, January 30, 2020

SAI 1.5

The Open Compute Project (OCP), "is a rapidly growing community of engineers around the world whose mission is to design and enable the delivery of the most efficient server, storage and data center hardware designs available for scalable computing."

The OCP SAI (Switch Abstraction Interface) Project is an important part of the networking effort, defining "a vendor-independent way of controlling forwarding elements, such as a switching ASIC, an NPU or a software switch in a uniform manner." SAI 1.5 Release Notes describe enhancements to existing sFlow API, in particular adding support for the Linux psample netlink channel, see  Linux 4.11 kernel extends packet sampling support. Supporting the standard Linux interface for packet sampling simplifies the implementation of sFlow agents (e.g. Host sFlow) and ensures consistent behavior across hardware platforms to deliver real-time network-wide visibility using industry standard sFlow protocol.