Saturday, March 6, 2010

Configuring NETGEAR switches

The following commands configure a NETGEAR switch (, sampling packets at 1-in-512, polling counters every 30 seconds and sending sFlow to an analyzer ( over UDP using the default sFlow port (6343):

sflow receiver 1 owner collector1 timeout 4294967295 ip

For each interface:

sflow sampler 1 rate 512
sflow poller 1 interval 30

A previous posting discussed the selection of sampling rates. Additional information can be found on the NETGEAR web site.

See Trying out sFlow for suggestions on getting started with sFlow monitoring and reporting.


  1. Commands are not valid on Netgear 7224

    1. This article is old - the commands may have changes since it was written. Please post the new commands if you find them.