Thursday, August 30, 2012

Configuring a ZTE switch

The following commands configure a ZTE switch ( to sample packets at 1-in-1024, poll counters every 30 seconds and send sFlow to an analyzer ( using the default sFlow port 6343:
sflow enable
sflow agent-config ipv4-address
sflow collector-config ipv4-address 6343
For each interface:
interface gei_1/1
sflow-sample-rate ingress 1024
sflow-sample-rate egress 1024
A previous posting discussed the selection of sampling rates. Additional information can be found on the ZTE web site.

Note: For bi-directional sampling, the ingress and egress sampling rates must be set to the same value since sFlow doesn't support asymmetric sampling on an interface. Ingress only or egress only sampling is supported, so you can disable sampling in either direction. The ZTE documentation doesn't describe how to configure counter polling. Counter export is a required component of the sFlow protocol, so this is either an omission in documentation, or a defect that should be fixed in a future release.

See Trying out sFlow for suggestions on getting started with sFlow monitoring and reporting.

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