Monday, December 1, 2014

Open vSwitch 2014 Fall Conference

Open vSwitch is an open source software virtual switch that is popular in cloud environments such as OpenStack. Open vSwitch is a standard Linux component that forms the basis of a number of commercial and open source solutions for network virtualization, tenant isolation, and network function virtualization (NFV) - implementing distributed virtual firewalls and routers.

The recent Open vSwitch 2014 Fall Conference agenda included a wide variety speakers addressing a range of topics, including: large scale operation experiences at Rackspace, implementing stateful firewalls, Docker networking,  and acceleration technologies (Intel DPDK and Netmap/VALE).

The video above is a recording of the following sFlow related talk from the conference:
Traffic visibility and control with sFlow (Peter Phaal, InMon)
sFlow instrumentation has been included in Open vSwitch since version 0.99.1 (released 25 Jan 2010). This talk will introduce the sFlow architecture and discuss how it differs from NetFlow/IPFIX, particularly in regards to delivering real-time flow analytics to an SDN controller. The talk will demonstrate that sFlow measurements from Open vSwitch are identical to sFlow measurements made in hardware on bare metal switches, providing unified, end-to-end, measurement across physical and virtual networks. Finally, Open vSwitch / Mininet will be used to demonstrate Elephant flow detection and marking using a combination of sFlow and OpenFlow.
Slides and videos for all the conference talks will soon be available on the Open vSwitch web site.

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