Monday, January 5, 2015

OpenFlow integration

Northbound APIs for traffic engineering describes how sFlow and OpenFlow provide complementary monitoring and control capabilities that can be combined to create software defined networking (SDN) solutions that automatically adapt the network to changing traffic and address high value use cases such as: DDoS mitigation, enforcing black lists, ECMP load balancing, and packet brokers.

The article describes the challenge of mapping between the different methods used by sFlow and OpenFlow to identify switch ports:
  • Agent IP address ⟷ OpenFlow switch ID
  • SNMP ifIndex ⟷ OpenFlow port ID
The recently published sFlow OpenFlow Structures extension addresses the challenge by providing a way for switches to export the mapping as an sFlow structure.

The Open vSwitch recently implemented the extension, unifying visibility and control of the virtual network edge. In addition, most physical that support OpenFlow also support sFlow. Ask vendors about their plans to implement the sFlow OpenFlow Structures extension since it is a key enabler for SDN control applications.

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