Friday, November 13, 2015

SC15 live real-time weathermap

Connect to between now and November 19th to see a real-time heat map of the The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC15) network.

From the SCinet web page, "SCinet brings to life a very high-capacity network that supports the revolutionary applications and experiments that are a hallmark of the SC conference. SCinet will link the convention center to research and commercial networks around the world. In doing so, SCinet serves as the platform for exhibitors to demonstrate the advanced computing resources of their home institutions and elsewhere by supporting a wide variety of bandwidth-driven applications including supercomputing and cloud computing."

The real-time weathermap leverages industry standard sFlow instrumentation built into network switch and router hardware to provide scaleable monitoring of the over 6 Terrabit/s aggregate link capacity comprising the SCinet network. Link colors are updated every second to reflect operational status and utilization of each link.

Clicking on a link in the map pops up a 1 second resolution strip chart showing the protocol mix carried by the link.

The SCinet real-time weathermap was constructed using open source components running on the sFlow-RT real-time analytics engine. Download sFlow-RT and see what you can build.

Update December 1, 2015 The source code is now available on GitHub

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