Monday, July 18, 2016

World map

World Map has been released on GitHub, The application displays an up to the second view of traffic as animated bubbles overlaid on a world map.

Download and install sFlow-RT to run the world-map application. Enable the System Property,, to allow the application to identify countries based on IP addresses.


  1. Hi,

    Where can find the file or settings to enable the configuration. database location. Set to resources/config/GeoLite2-Country.mmdb to use GeoLite2 database

    1. The file is under sflow-rt/resources/config/, so you set the property:

      If you installed sFlow-RT as a deb/rpm package, then the configuration settings are in the /usr/local/sflow-rt/conf.d directory. Otherwise, it's a command line option. See System Properties

  2. Hi Peter Phaal,
    Its worked very well. I have entered "./"

    1.The application displays view of traffic as animated bubbles. When i try to click on the bubbles it doesn't show the traffic details further, i am using sflow-rt 3.0

    2.Traffic bubbles on the world map can be connected to the real metrics from the sflow agent.