Thursday, March 22, 2018

OCP Summit 2018

Network telemetry was a popular topic at the recent OCP U.S. Summit 2018 in San Jose, California, with an entire afternoon track of the two day conference devoted to the subject. Videos of the talks should soon be posted on the conference web site.

The following articles on this blog cover related topics:
In addition, there were a couple of live sFlow telemetry demonstration in the conference exhibit hall.
The first was a demonstration of leaf and spine fabric visibility using white box switches running the open source Linux Foundation OpenSwitch network operating system. OpenSwitch describes how the open source Host sFlow agent enables standard sFlow instrumentation in merchant silicon based white box switches using OpenSwitch Control Plane Services (CPS), which in turn programs the silicon using the OCP Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI).

The rack in the booth contains a two spine, five leaf network. Each of the switches in the network is streaming real-time sFlow telemetry to an instance of Fabric View which is displaying real-time (up to the second) flow analytics on the monitor to the right of the picture.
The second demonstration shows a Marvell top of rack (ToR) switch with an ARM based management CPU running Linux, DPDK and SONiC. In this example, the switch is streaming sFlow telemetry to a free version of sFlowTrend which is displaying top flows in the trend chart.

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