Wednesday, October 9, 2019

InfluxDB 2.0

Introducing the Next-Generation InfluxDB 2.0 Platform mentions that InfluxDB 2.0 will be able to scrape Prometheus exporters. Get started with InfluxDB provides instructions for running an alpha version of the new software using Docker:
docker run --name influxdb -p 9999:9999
Prometheus exporter describes an application that runs on the sFlow-RT analytics platform that converts real-time streaming telemetry from industry standard sFlow agents. Host, Docker, Swarm and Kubernetes monitoring describes how to deploy agents on popular container orchestration platforms.
The screen capture above shows three scrapers configured in InfluxDB 2.0:
  1. sflow-rt-analyzer,
  2. sflow-rt-dump,
  3. sflow-rt-flow-src-dst,
The first collects metrics about the performance of the sFlow-RT analytics engine, the second, all the metrics exported by the sFlow agents, and the third, is a flow metric (see Flow metrics with Prometheus and Grafana).

Updated 19 October 2019, native support for Prometheus export added to sFlow-RT, URLs 1 and 2 modified to reflect new API.
InfluxDB 2.0 now includes the data exploration and dashboard building capabilities that were previously in the separate Chronograf application. The screen capture above shows a simple chart trending ifinoctets across a number of switch ports.

Note: There are a number of articles on this blog that demonstrate how to push metrics from sFlow-RT into InfluxDB 1.0 using its REST API. The ability to scrape metrics from a Prometheus exporter simplifies the integration.

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