Monday, September 28, 2015

Real-time analytics and control applications

sFlow-RT 2.0 released - adds application support describes a new application framework for sharing solutions built on top of the real-time analytics platform. Application examples are provided on the sFlow-RT Download page.

The flow-graph application, shown above, generates a real-time graph of communication between hosts.  The application uses a simple sFlow-RT script to track associations between hosts based on their communication patterns and plots the results using the vis.js dynamic, browser based visualization library. This example can be modified to track different types of relationship and extended to incorporate other popular data visualization libraries such as D3.js.
The dashboard-example includes representative real-time metric and top flows trend charts. The example uses the jQuery-UI library to build build a simple tabbed interface. This example can be extended to build groups of custom charts.
The top-flows application supports the definition of custom flows and tracks the largest flows in a continuously updating table.

Each of the examples has a server-side component that uses sFlow-RT's script API to collect, analyze, and export measurements. An HTML5 client side user interface connects to the server and presents the data.

The sFlow-RT analytics engine is a highly scaleable platform for processing sFlow measurements from physical and virtual network switches, servers, virtual machines, Linux containers, load balancers, web and application servers, etc. The analytics capability can be applied to a wide range of SDN and DevOps use cases - many of which have been described on this blog. Application support provides a simple way for vendors, researchers, and developers to distribute solutions.

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