Thursday, January 21, 2016

Podcast with Nick Buraglio and Brent Salisbury

"Have you seen sFlow options in your router configuration or flow collector? Are you looking for alternatives to SNMP or NetFlow? Have you been curious about the instrumentation of your new white box or virtual switch? Yes? Then you will probably enjoy learning more about sFlow!"

Non-Blocking #1: SFlow With Peter Phaal Of InMon And SFlow.Org is a discussion between Brent Salisbury (, Nick Buraglio (, and Peter Phaal (

Web sites and tools mentioned in the podcast:
  2. Devices that support sFlow
  3. Software to analyze sFlow
  4. mailing list
  5. sFlow structures
  6. (incorrectly referenced as in the podcast)
  7. Host sFlow
  8. sflowtool

The podcast touches on a number of topics that have been explored in greater detail on this blog. The topics are listed in roughly the order they are mentioned in the podcast:
  1. Widespread support for sFlow among switch vendors
  2. Disaggregated flow cache
  3. ULOG
  4. Push vs Pull
  5. sFlow vs SNMP for interface counters
  6. Broadcom ASIC table utilization metrics, DevOps, and SDN
  7. Broadcom BroadView Instrumentation
  8. Rapidly detecting large flows, sFlow vs. NetFlow/IPFIX
  9. SDN and large flows
  10. Probes
  11. Packet headers
  12. Network virtualization visibility demo
  13. History of sFlow
  14. Standards
  15. Open vSwitch performance monitoring
  16. Wireless
  17. Prescriptive vs descriptive standards (sFlow / IPFIX)
  18. RMON (4 groups)
  19. Observability
  20. Host sFlow distributed agent
  21. Host sFlow data model
  22. Multi-tenant traffic in virtualized network environments
  23. Workload placement
  24. SDN router using merchant silicon top of rack switch
  25. White box Internet router PoC
  26. Active Route Manager
  27. Leaf and spine traffic engineering using segment routing and SDN
  28. CORD: Open-source spine-leaf Fabric (demo from 2015 Open Networking Summit)
  29. sflowtool
  30. sflowtool for packet caputure
  31. sflowtool with Wireshark

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