Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cisco SF250, SG250, SF350, SG350, SG350XG, and SG550XG series switches

Software version 2.1.0 adds sFlow support to Cisco 250 Series Smart Switches, 350 Series Smart Switches and 550X Series Stackable Managed Switches.
Cisco network engineers might not be familiar with the multi-vendor sFlow technology since it is a relatively new addition to Cisco products. The article, Cisco adds sFlow support, describes some of the key features of sFlow and contrasts them to Cisco NetFlow.
Configuring sFlow on the switches is straightforward. For example, The following commands configure a switch to sample packets at 1-in-1024, poll counters every 30 seconds and send sFlow to an analyzer ( over UDP using the default sFlow port (6343):
sflow receiver 1
For each interface:
sflow flow-sampling 1024 1
sflow counter-sampling 30 1
A previous posting discussed the selection of sampling rates. Additional information can be found on the Cisco web site.

Trying out sFlow offers suggestions for getting started with sFlow monitoring and reporting. The article recommends the sFlowTrend analyzer as a way to get started since it is a free, purpose built sFlow analyzer that delivers the full capabilities of sFlow instrumentation in the Cisco switches.

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