Monday, February 24, 2014

ONS2014 Announces Finalists for SDN Idol 2014

Today the Open Networking Summit announced the five finalists for the SDN Idol 2014 competition:
Real-time SDN Analytics for DDoS mitigation is an example of a performance aware SDN controller that combines sFlow and OpenFlow for the visibility and control needed to build self optimizing networks that automatically adapt to changing traffic conditions. A number of other use cases were outlined by Brocade at the recent OpenDaylight Summit - see Flow-aware Real-time SDN Analytics (FRSA)

There are interesting links with other finalists:
  • OpenDaylight Hydrogen The Brocade is a Platinum member of the OpenDaylight project, and the Brocade/InMon DDoS mitigation solution employs OpenDaylight Hydrogen as an OpenFlow controller. Like Brocade, many of the OpenDaylight project members also support sFlow in their networking equipment, including: Brocade, Cisco, IBM, Juniper, NEC, A10 Networks, Arista, Dell, HP, Huawei, Intel, and ZTE. One might expect to see other vendors start to build traffic aware solutions on OpenDaylight in the coming months.
  • HP SDN App Store and Open SDN Ecosystem Every OpenFlow enabled switch in HP's SDN Ecosystem supports the sFlow standard. Future versions of HP's SDN controller could leverage the sFlow capabilities of HP switches to deliver network visibility, allowing the controller platform to support scaleable performance aware SDN applications.
  • Pica8 Open SDN Starter Kit The switch contained in the starter kit supports sFlow, making the starter kit a great way to experiment with combined sFlow and OpenFlow solutions. There are a number of examples on this blog that could be tried with the starter kit - see OpenFlow.
The five finalists cover a broad spectrum of SDN solutions - it will be interesting to see them demonstrated live at the Open Networking Summit on Monday, March 3, 02:30P - 04:00P

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