Friday, November 17, 2023

SC23 Over 6 Terabits per Second of WAN Traffic

The world’s fastest temporary internet service gets turned on in Denver for one week only describes the SCinet temporary network built to support the The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (SC23) this week in Denver. The SC23 WAN Stress Test chart demonstrates that the provisioned 6.71 terabits bits per second capacity was pushed to the limits.
SC23 SCinet traffic describes the architecture of the real-time monitoring system used to comprehensively monitor the SCinet network and generate these charts. This chart shows that over 175 Petabytes of data were transfered during the show.
SC23 Dropped packet visibility demonstration describes a joint demonstration by InMon Corp and Arista Networks of one of newest developments in sFlow telemetry, identifying every dropped packet, the reason it was dropped, and the location it was dropped across all the switches in real-time.
SC23 WiFi Traffic Heatmap shows a real-time view of WiFi usage at the conference displayed on a conference floorplan.
Finally, SC23 Data Transfer Node TCP Metrics demonstrates how standard metrics maintained by the Linux kernel can be used to augment sFlow telemetry and track the performance of large science data transfers.

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